Ahoy mateys! 'Tis Yarrwin!

The OS for pirates! Operatin' on the High Seas!

Yarrwin news!

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What be this Yarrwin thing, matey?

The Yarrwin project was created to make it easier for developers and distributers to use Apple's Darwin source code in their project. The specific goals for the project are currently as follows:

Some other tasks to work on once the infrastructure is in place include:

Initially the PowerPC architecture will be targeted; supporting Intel is not ruled out but all of the development machines are currently PowerPC :-). Currently things are still very much at the planning stage, so go over to the project's sf.net page and lend a hand! Yarr!

Why Yarrwin, jim-lad?

Neither Apple nor OpenDarwin have a priority for supporting third-party development on the Operating System; OpenDarwin are much too busy doing other really cool things such as darwinbuild, XonX and darwine. I want to make it easy for people to experiment with the Core OS, and to distribute the results of their experimentation. The name Yarrwin alludes to pirates of the high seas, giving an indication of the more cavalier (if you'll pardon the mixing of historical character metaphor) nature to OS development Yarrwin represents.

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